Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Emerald City Con Week: Part Two

I love when people take the language of comics seriously. To many times comics are trying to be something they're not and don't take advantage of the things that make comics unique. One example is throwing in graphic elements to better sell the info you're trying to get across to the reader. Why confine yourself to only what's in the real world? It's not the best example of it but here's one I did recently that I think makes for fun comics.
Speed lines, sound effects, action bursts, motion lines, dizzy stars, and even those little dark clouds over angry characters, are just some of the things I wish more people would throw into their work. By the way, I also feel the same about the opposite situation. I also hate when movies try too hard to be something they're not. Maybe I'm just a purist. Anyway, I also have a quick sketch I did while I was trying a different style. Many times I'll see a drawing or painting and get inspired to try and duplicate that style. It's fun and hopefully helps add new dimensions to my own work.
That's it for today. Tomorrow, actual Graveyard of Empires news.


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Oeming said...

NICE! Goes with the music I'm listening to:)