Monday, February 28, 2011

Emerald City Con Week: Part One

Little People--
In lieu of not posting frequent enough I'm going to post something everyday for the next four days until I leave for Seattle and the Emerald City Con. Graveyard of Empires promotion starts there and we hope to get the word out in every way possible. I'll have more about that later. In the meantime....

Amazingly, my favorite bits from other artists always ends up being the small stuff. I'm a big believer in Alex Toth's principles of "keep it simple". So when the task comes along to draw people in the distance or a crowd or even a wide street shot, I'm always looking for two things: How do I simplify this and how do I inject some energy into it? That's the other side to it. I'm always in awe when an artist can make a little blob or scribble look like a person. It really takes a strong foundation to be that free. It's something I strive for and still feel like I fail at. Below are some examples of that very thing coming into play for me. I'll see if I can post the inks later on.


Vic Malhotra said...

These panels look awesome dude.

Totally agree with you... Those small simple figures are always the best and hardest to do. One of my favorite examples is this Austin Briggs piece

Azaceta said...

Austin Briggs is the man and that piece is fantastic!