Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Since I started working professionally I never seem to have just one project going at a time. That's pretty much the norm in the comic industry but I always make a point to have at least a couple of things going at once. Being able to jump back and forth from different stories really helps me keep my excitement (not that BPRD needs any help in that department) going from day to day.

Here are some select panels from both books I'm working on now. Both of them are horror books so I get to really amp up the darkness of it all. I really can't wait till I get further along in these books because, as any horror-lover knows, it only gets darker, creepier, and more fun as the story unfolds. The ending to both the stories are so great (in different ways too) that I almost wish I could skip to the end now. I'll try to be patient.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fun sketch

I did this today as a break from penciling. I really think inking is the most fun part in making comics. At least for me it is. I do most of the work in that stage and it's always fun to be messy when you are creating. Sometimes I miss it while I get the next batch of pencils ready to go.

I chose a samurai because eventually I really want to do something set in Feudal Japan (maybe a Iron Fist one shot... Marvel? Are you listening?) Let's face it Samurai are awesome and everyone likes a good sword fight. I also want to do other period pieces sometime down the line. Maybe I'll just do a series of them or something.... Food for thought.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fun with the Harbinger of DOOM!

Here's the only shot of Hellboy I actually got to draw so far. The book Im doing is actually focused on Prof. Broome and Hellboy isn't but 2 years old or so. Actually none of the regular cast is in it really... I dont mind though because it actually saves me the trouble of pitting my versions of the crew against Mignola's. So I hope to get a scene with more hellboy later but he's pretty much not in the book. Im almost done with the first issue and I wish I could post more but I dont want to spoil anything (trust me its worth it).