Monday, October 31, 2011


Just a quick sketch for Halloween. Inspired by one of my favorite movies, which also happens to fit in well with the horror theme, John Carpenter's The Thing. It's the kind of horror I love and who doesn't love Kurt Russell? Great movie that still holds up.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Here's a panel mash-up from issue 3 of Graveyard of Empires (soon to be done and sent to the printer). NYCC passed and it was a crazy weekend but I thank all those who stopped by and picked up copies of the book and got sketches or just strolled by with a compliment. Even though I still have another issue to go I've been thinking alot about what's next and I'm really excited. Of course I can't say anything yet because it's way early but I posted a quick sketch as a tease on Twitter (here). I'm really looking forward to doing some personal work in the future and really wring all I can out if the medium. Art is supposed to be about expression and I'm not sure I've tapped even a quarter of what I should be. Anyway, more on that soon enough but I leave you now with the wondefullness that is "dot eyes"... Jason Latour knows what I mean.


Monday, October 10, 2011

NYCC table S16!!!!

I always like to see step by step shots or behind the scene type stuff. So in that vein here is a step by step of a couple of panels from Graveyard of Empires #3.

Also, I'll be at New York Comic Con this weekend with Mark Sable and Sam Humphries. We'll be at table S16 in Artist Alley with copies of Graveyard #1 and #2. I'll be doing commission sketches (as many as I can) and selling some original art (probably from Spider-man) so come on by!


Saturday, October 08, 2011

Keep it simple....

When I first set out to do the covers for Graveyard of Empires I knew I wanted simple graphic covers. I had that image of the first cover hazily in my head back when the book was still just an idea in Mark's head. When it was decided that we were going to break it up into issues, I immediately started to figure out how to continue the theme the first one set on through the next covers. Hopefully they stand out. It is the main point of a cover at the end of the day and I thought if I sat down and draw the heck out of them they would just get lost in the mix. It was a fun experiment. I'm not a "pretty picture" kind of artist and covers always seem to go against what my goals are inside the books, but I always approach them as a chance to try something else. One of these days I might even paint a few.