Monday, October 10, 2011

NYCC table S16!!!!

I always like to see step by step shots or behind the scene type stuff. So in that vein here is a step by step of a couple of panels from Graveyard of Empires #3.

Also, I'll be at New York Comic Con this weekend with Mark Sable and Sam Humphries. We'll be at table S16 in Artist Alley with copies of Graveyard #1 and #2. I'll be doing commission sketches (as many as I can) and selling some original art (probably from Spider-man) so come on by!



bperlow said...

Hey Paul,

I missed your booth at the Con, I was recommended your name by John Paul Leon as a artist for a book I'm making. Are you available by the beginning of next year? Let me know either way. Thanks.

Azaceta said...

Sorry I missed you. I don't think I'll be available at that time but good luck with everything. Sorry I couldn't help more.