Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Here's a panel mash-up from issue 3 of Graveyard of Empires (soon to be done and sent to the printer). NYCC passed and it was a crazy weekend but I thank all those who stopped by and picked up copies of the book and got sketches or just strolled by with a compliment. Even though I still have another issue to go I've been thinking alot about what's next and I'm really excited. Of course I can't say anything yet because it's way early but I posted a quick sketch as a tease on Twitter (here). I'm really looking forward to doing some personal work in the future and really wring all I can out if the medium. Art is supposed to be about expression and I'm not sure I've tapped even a quarter of what I should be. Anyway, more on that soon enough but I leave you now with the wondefullness that is "dot eyes"... Jason Latour knows what I mean.


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