Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This weekend is the Con and I'm hoping its as big as last year. I'll be at my table in artist alley (Table A139 for you savvy map checkers) with Mark Sable selling some GROUNDED trades. I'll be doing commission sketches as well as FREE sketches for anyone who buys a GROUNDED trade. You heard right! FREE sketches for those wonderful people who pick up some GROUNDED goodness. I'll be there all weekend and I hope to see you there!
Also here's a fun pages from JOHN DOE 3. Mark left the layout up to me (I believe the script said "shovel-fu" and that's it) and I really wanted to play with silhouettes. I like the page and spent too much time actually figuring out how the fight would realistically play out. Anyway, enjoy!



Ryan Cody said...

I love that page, great action.

Brian Quinn said...


Azaceta said...

Thanks! The big news is out so Im gonna post about it soon.... Beware!


Seth said...

I love the graphic quality of this page, & the hand-lettered sound FX always look so cool. Very Toth!