Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Post- NYCC

The convention was a blast this weekend and I'm loving that NY finally has a big con. Basically because I don't have to travel and the city is a great place to hang. Here's a couple of sketches that I did over the weekend (and I did a bunch too). Thanks to the guys who are posting them on comicartfans.com or messageboards so I can save a jpeg and have a copy. Sometimes I like the way some sketches work out at cons and it kinda sucks only to have a foggy memory of it. So thanks again

ALSO... Scott Allie over at Darkhorse mentioned my new project so I figured it was time to mention it here. I'm just getting my teeth into a new BPRD miniseries that really is like the history of the BPRD. Hellboy and Mike Mignola are at the top of my list when it comes to comics so it's a dream project for me. Hopefully I'll do it justice and won't disappoint any Hellboy fans out there. I'm hoping to make this the best thing I've ever drawn. I can't leave without mentioning Joshua Dysart. He's co-writing the book with Mignola (much like John Arcudi is in the other BPRD series) and he's doing an awesome job of it. I'm not lying when I say I was on the edge of my seat just reading the breakdown/synopsis of the series. It's gonna be a blast! Here's that "mysterious" sketch I posted a while back. It's actually my first crack at a young Prof. Bruttenholm. Don't worry I'll post some other cool stuff soon. Thanks!



Unknown said...

TALENT was the first work of yours I ever saw, and you struck me as having a unique artistic voice. I guess that wasn't your actual published debut, but for the first work of yours I ever saw, it made quite an impression.

I only discovered BPRD last year and fell in love, so I'm excited to hear the news of you doing that book!

And, to wrap everything up in one overly long comment, I liked what you did in that Wonderlost story. The hand lettering was a good touch...

I think my profile link doesn't work, so just for the record, I am elton at eltonpruitt.com.

BTW are you familiar with Noel Tuazon's work on Elk's Run? When I first saw TALENT, your style there reminded me a bit of Noel, who's one of my favorite guys.

Ryan Cody said...

congrats Paul

Azaceta said...

Thanks for the kind comments. You haven't seen anything yet. Wait till JOHN DOE hits the stands and then BPRD.


Gabe said...

I was lucky enough to grab a sketch from you at NYCC. I asked for whatever you wanted and you drew me an awesome Daredevil.

Thanks man.
Loking forward to both John Doe and that BPRD series.

Unknown said...

Ay yo Paul. it was good seeing you last weekend at the show. i pretty much missed everything except for like 4 hours on saturday. Got there like 10 minutes to closing on Sunday, but you and mark, left already (well pretty much everyone left already). Looking forward to John Doe man. catch you later.