Saturday, September 30, 2006

So I figured I'd post some of the John Doe stuff I have laying around here because that's what I'm diving into now. I don't think I have to say what an amazing writer Mark Waid is and how awesome it is getting to work with him. The first image is the promo piece I did up. I hardly get to color my own stuff so it's always a bit troublesome to get what I want. There are some really great computer colorists/artist out there and hopefully I'll find the time to hone my skills enough to do some really nice pieces. Mark wanted an ambiguous piece that kept a mystery about the book. A cool tease... I think it works.

The quick sketch below is of the main character. We went for a real world look (nothing fancy and far from a "superhero" look) and something easily put together. I think I'm actually gonna give him some stubble to rough him up a bit. I never really do full body sketches when I'm trying to nail down a character. I guess I figure that the body is the easy part and the part I focus more on is making the character's face distinct. I never wanna be an artist that has a stock look for his characters. I've been trying more and more to really make each character his/her own person. Well I've rambled enough... I'll have more stuff soon.

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