Thursday, September 28, 2006

Here's a new panel I did today for The Pack. I'm really trying to be a bit looser with this book because of the horror angle. I actually watched a few horror movies to get into the mindset before I tackled these pages and I think it really helped. I never liked reading "horror" comics that didn't take advantage of the visual language of horror stories. There really is a more specific shot selection that goes into making it work. Too many times have I seen people just splatter some ink on the page or use moody coloring and pass that off as scary. Granted I'm not sure if I'm gonna succeed but I wanted to really try to translate what makes a scary movie into the book.

By the way... The book is written by Mike Raicht (yes the former Marvel editor Mike Raicht) and if you don't know his work check out his new Marvel book called Zombie. It's drawn beautifully by Kyle Hotz (The Hood) and I really think Mike nailed what makes the zombie genre work.

My pencils were a little light and the scanner didnt pick them up but next time I'm gonna do a step by step. Thanks!



Mike Wieringo said...

Man, your work is just utterly SPECTACULAR.....! You've got that whole John Paul Leon/Michael Lark thing going on....! You're stuff is really amazing.

Azaceta said...

THANKS! I a big fan of your work so that's really cool. I actually visit your blog pretty often and it's awesome to see you're daily sketches. Can't wait till you get onto some of you're own projects again (not that your Marvel work isn't great).

Ryan Cody said...

great stuff Paul, can't wait to see your step-by-step. Since I ink all my own stuff it's cool to see the process of others that do the same