Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting ready....

These are a group of panels from the second issue of Northlanders (issue 43). Issue 42 came out and from what I saw it received some nice press. I'll say it again that Brian is pulling out all the stops here on the last huge arc and it's a pleasure to work on these scripts. Here's a link to one of the reviews: Northlanders #42 review.

Also, I'm going to making my way to San Diego this week so swing on by. I'll be with Image comics and Mark Sable at booth #2729. We'll have some Graveyard of Empires copies for sale and I'll be taking commissions. I'm going to bring some Spidey pages too so if you're looking for some original art feel free to check them out.


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m-r-r-r said...

I have just read Northlanders Issue 42, and should tell that it is magnificent work! Art and the story well approach to each other, and I look forward following issue.