Friday, October 06, 2006

The Cross Bronx! The Cross Cross Bronx!

Just wanted to throw up a quick post about CROSSBRONX. If you don't know about it then you've been living under a rock. Mike Oeming and Ivan Brandon have gotten together to bring you a compelling story about crime, gangs, and santaria. If you like Oeming on Powers you'll love him on Cross Bronx. He's really kicking ass and drawing his balls off for this book. Ivan's not slacking either when it comes to the noir feel. The pacing is great and the lush storytelling is top notch. GO get it now!!

Why am I going on and on about someone else's book? Because they were nice enough to print my pin-up in the inside back cover of issue #2. Here it is and I'm working on getting this John Doe stuff up so stay tuned.


Dean Trippe said...

That's really awesome, dude.

Ivan Brandon said...