Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mondongo for everyone!

I started a short job (12 pages) and I'll probably post some process stuff next. In the meantime, I thought I'd just throw up some bits from different things.

This is a quick I sketch I did while half-heartedly looking in my little mirror. So it half-heartedly looks like me. It actually gave me the idea for the new header up top so I guess it was useful after all.

Who doesn't love dog eating innards? I know I do. I haven't drawn many dogs so this one was fun in that "how the hell do I do this?" kind of way? When I get more into my book I may have to do a montage of things eating other things.



Gabe said...

Glad you're posting more regularly. I loved you're work since I saw Talent come out a few years back. Keep it up dude.

Azaceta said...

Thanks. I'm trying.


Jason Latour said...

Nicely played with the new header, sir.