Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Process...

Here's a cover I've worked up for JOHN DOE. It's actually cover one of three and the all connect. A throw back to the Jim Lee days of crazy covers. Actually, I just wanted to do collage type covers and I figured why not take it a step further and do one big collage. This here is the thumbnail idea. I kept it vague with just the main elements I wanted prominent. They'll be dense but I'm gonna color it myself so I can knock out linework and fade things back and all that fun stuff.

Here's the rough of the first cover with a bit of ink. AS you can see it's not tight at all as I'm always impatient to get to the inking.

Next is the main elements fleshed out. The rest is really detailed "clutter" so I was focusing on getting these three figures finished first.

And here is the final inks. as you can see it's a bit dense but that'll be fixed in the coloring. I didn't want to do things on different layers because I wanted to have the whole three part piece stand on it's own. Some of the elements will spill over onto the next cover (buildings and names) but the main thing is the map. As you can see from the thumbnail I wanted the main unifying thing to be a map of the area this all takes place with the island taking a more upfront spot on the final cover. Hopefully this will turn out at least semi cool and I don't ruin the the whole thing with my lousy colors.

I'll post the color steps and the final soon. BACK TO WORK!